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    Dear Guests,

    When you travel along the picturesque roads of our region, come to extraordinary Hotel Restaurant “President” located in the heart of the scenic and historical town of Kock at the foot of Wieprz proglacial stream valley which is listed as UNESCO national heritage.

    “President” is a place where harmony of the surrounding nature goes hand in hand with the chic, richness and elegance of the interiors. The name “President” references the interiors of our facility where everyone can feel special and find something suitable. The palace style of our decorations is an explicit reference to duchess Anna Jabłonowska whose manor can be visited in our town.

    This piece of land was once a crossing of the eastern and western cultures. Poles, Jews, Ruthenians and Armenians lived together in harmony and good neighbourliness. And when this land needed protection, they defended it together which is evidenced by the glorious death of colonel Berek Joselewicz, an Israelite and great Polish patriot who died in the town’s square of Cossacks’ sabres. In close proximity to our hotel, there is a house with a small tower, beautifully depicted by Hanna Krall in a short story with the same title from her “Hypnosis” volume. Opposite our hotel, we can see the statue of general Franciszek Kleeberg who fought the last battle of the September Campaign in 1939 on the nearby fields.

    All this creates specific mood and unique atmosphere of our little town of the East with great and glorious history, while the hospitality of local people and our staff will guarantee you will want to come back. Our wide range of culinary delicacies references our picturesque surroundings and a long term tradition of our town. Meals prepared by our head chef are based on products of the highest quality which form a rich set of dishes adjusted to every occasion and every customer.

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